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Welcome to the Roller Angels Wiki

This wiki is about the downloadable DSi game called Roller Angels. We ask that you only edit or create a new page if you know about this game. Please do NOT vandilize this wiki as other people and I care about this wiki. Anyone may edit or create a new page, just so long it is not innappropiate. Thank you and Happy Editing! "Come on Angels, Roll out!" -Angel Patty

A note from our founder....

Hello, my name is hollyshiftwell1, founder of this wiki. Let me take just a few minutes to tell you about the expectations here at the Roller Angels wiki.

  • Please do NOT make pages that are just random or have nothing to do about the game.
  • Make edits that are actually legitimate and are up to date.
  • Do NOT make any inappropiate edits or pages.
  • If you do NOT have anything nice to say, do NOT even say it.

And the most important one of all.....

  • Have fun! And make as many contributions to this wiki as you can.

Thank you in advance.

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